Fourth Line partners with Swinburne University of Technology


Fourth Line is partnering with Swinburne University of Technology to augment its RegTech risk management and compliance system for the Australian financial planning industry.

The industry first partnership with Swinburne enhances Fourth Line algorithmic approach to pre and post-vetting of financial advice by ensuring that Fourth Line’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer is world leading in its application to financial advice.

The AI and machine learning partnership with Swinburne will build on Fourth Line’s comprehensive system that has already been taken up by leading Australian dealer groups and advice practices.

Fourth Line CEO, Simon Quirk said: “Fourth Line’s partnership with Swinburne facilitates the next evolution of our risk and compliance system, supporting our vision to continually raise the bar on the quality and content of financial advice in Australia through the use of our leading technologies augmented by human oversight. Our system helps dealer groups and advice practices to meet their regulatory compliance obligations and help ensure that they are acting in their client’s best interests.”.

“Continuous investment in both leading technology and human oversight processes is critical for monitoring the quality of advice given the complexities and volume of regulatory change in the financial services industry. Critically, to deliver on our vision we need leading edge technology combined with human input. One or the other is not sufficient. In today’s environment you need both.”, he added.

Fourth Line is working with a number of leading dealer groups and advice practices to provide improved advice oversight, directly addressing recommendations from the recent Royal Commission into Financial Services and Superannuation.

Fourth Line’s vision is to work with the wealth management profession and regulators to improve the quality and content of financial advice for all Australians.

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