How to convert more leads with digital marketing


How to maximise your leads in the digital marketplace.

What works in the digital landscape is different to the traditional marketing landscape. I’m going to explain what to do when you have a list of potential clients and how to maximise them in the digital marketplace.

So, let’s assume that you created a landing page to support your specific campaign; for example, the campaign might be targeted at expats returning home to Australia. They saw your ad or similar, requested a copy of your video, report or information in exchange for their email details. Now you have their email details what will you do?

Unfortunately, research shows that not everyone calls you directly and becomes a fee-paying client just because they opted in for your value offering. It takes people time. They want to move at their own pace – I talked about that in my last post.

However, we also know that they probably haven’t solved their problem – the one they went looking to answer on the Internet, so we need to remain relevant and in contact and help them through their decision-making process, and we can do that through an email sequence.

Depending on what your value offer is and what their problem is, the ‘formula’ below is what others are using. You will need to test it though for your campaign.

In summary, you send around seven emails. Seven emails which will educate the person in the value of your advice, the fact that their problem will remain a problem and likely get bigger if no action is taken and that you are the person to help them.

When someone downloads your value offer remember they don’t know you; so it’s essential to send them information which will help them get to know, like and trust you for them to ‘buy’ from you.

One of the ‘formulas’ that works for email marketers is below. This formula works, but it will depend on what your value offer is and the fee for your advice. You may have success with putting a strong call to action on your landing page, for example, ‘click here and book a 15 minute time to chat with me’ if not, try this sequence.

Email 1 & 2 = explain who you are, what you do, your capabilities, your point of difference – focusing on building trust.

Email 3 & 4 = talk about the problem. Remembering that your digital marketing campaign focused on that one problem. Support it with case study’s, research, statistics, client stories that will demonstrate that it is a serious problem.

Email 5 = talk about the ‘promise’ that they can get the help from you and make sure your promise is evident and easy for them to understand; that’s about managing expectations.

Email 6 = talk about the solution is to contact you via your online diary to book a 15-minute chat.

Email 7 = remind them of how they can solve their problem by contacting you.

These can be a blend of written emails and video.

Wherever you can, add client testimonials throughout this sequence because what others have to say about you has a great deal of weight; far more than you saying how good you are!

As I said, test it and tweak depending on when a client converts. If nothing happens after the 7th email, you can add them onto your regular email distribution list and keep inviting them to contact you. By adding them to your newsletter list, it means you get the opportunity to continue to educate them about the value of advice and demonstrate your expertise.

I know having done these types of campaigns that it can take people weeks, months if not years to make contact eventually. The point is, never give up because others do, and that’s the mistake they make. Remain relevant and demonstrate the value of your advice.

Two other tips; be authentic and come from a place of wisdom.

By Rachel Staggs

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