Household Capital partners with National Seniors Australia

Josh Funder

Josh Funder

Household Capital, an independent, specialist retirement funding provider, and National Seniors Australia, the peak advocacy body for older Australians have announced a partnership.

The two organisations have each recognised in the other a determination to improve the retirement outcomes for Australians. National Seniors is the voice of older Australians, fighting for a fair go in later life. Household Capital is focused on giving Australian retirees flexibility and choice. Through its Household Transfer®, retired Australians can draw on the savings in their home, as well as their superannuation and Age Pension, to improve their retirement funding.

National Seniors

National Seniors partners with a diverse group of carefully chosen organisations who share its values and commitment to helping older Australians enjoy later life. Powered by its members, it carries out world-class research and advocates on the issues that matter – all while curating a menu of specialised member services to make everyday life even better.

Professor John McCallum, Chief Executive Officer and Research Director, commented, “Our research has found one of the keys to a comfortable retirement is financial flexibility.

“We look forward to growing our partnership with Household Capital for the benefit of our members and supporters who now have greater choice when it comes to funding their retirement,” he added.

Household Capital

Household Capital provides responsible long term access to home equity to meet the needs of an ageing population. It provides flexibility and choice to improve the wellbeing and lifestyle of Australian retirees and support them to Live Well At Home.

Dr Joshua Funder, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We’re delighted to work with National Seniors, a group which is well known for its advocacy on behalf of older Australians.”

Major retirement funding need

Since launching in March 2019, Household Capital has verified a strong need for improved retirement funding among Australia’s retirees.

“Australians are living longer but many do not have enough super savings to provide sufficient income throughout retirement,” said Dr Funder.

“We’ve fielded calls from financial advisers, brokers and aged care advisers, as well as individuals, looking to access home equity for a range of purposes.”

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