Thematics Asset Management bolsters Safety Strategy with portfolio manager


Matthieu Rolin

Thematics Asset Management, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthieu Rolin as Co-Manager of the Thematics Safety Fund.

Matthieu will work closely with Frédéric Dupraz, one of the founders and owners of Thematics Asset Management and manager of Thematics Safety Fund.

Matthieu will assume portfolio management and research responsibilities, identifying companies that offer products and services for the physical and digital protection of individuals, business and government. The companies the team selects have an attractive risk/return profile, driven by long-term secular trends and meeting non-financial criteria relating to ESG matters.

Matthieu was most recently a fund manager for a range of US equity and Global equity funds at Aviva Investors France. Before joining Aviva Investors, he was Head of Equities at SwissLife Banque Privée, managing both US and European Equity portfolios. Matthieu began his career as a multi-manager at Olympia Capital Management.

Mohammed Amor, CEO of Thematics Asset Management, commented: “We are very pleased with the investor interest received since we launched Thematics Asset Management earlier this year and are delighted to welcome Matthieu to our investment team as we continue to grow the business. At the heart of everything we do is the identification of long-term themes, underpinned by secular growth drivers that create the potential for thematic equity funds. Matthieu’s expertise across thematic investing will provide additional valuable insight to support the safety team in our decision-making and help drive returns for investors.”

Launched in March 2019, Thematics Asset Management provides investors with access to a wide range of high conviction and active global thematic strategies, including, Safety, Water, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. The team’s investment philosophy focuses on identifying, developing and managing multi-decade investment themes fueled by four global primary forces that are transforming our world: demographic changes, globalization, innovation and scarcity. The investment team now includes six portfolio managers: Arnaud Bisshop, Frédéric Dupraz, Simon Gottelier, Karen Kharmandarian (who is also the CIO of Thematics AM), Matthieu Rolin and Nolan Hoffmeyer.

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