Aoris International Fund added to BT Wrap and Panorama


Stephen Arnold

The Aoris International Fund has been added to BT’s Wrap & Panorama platform. Aoris Investment Management are a specialist international equity manager with a focus on a single concentrated long-only Fund. Aoris’ CIO, Stephen Arnold has over 25 years’ experience investing Internationally.

Arnold said: “The BT platform is a market leading investment and super provider of wealth administration services. We are delighted this addition will open a significant part of Australia’s private wealth market for Aoris, and we look forward to partnering with the many quality advice firms that use the BT service.”

The Aoris International Fund was the top performing Global Equities Value Fund in 2019 (source: Morningstar) having with a return of 36.5%, outperforming the MSCI AC World Index ex Aust Net Return (AUD) by 9.7%. Aoris is also among the best performing global funds since its inception in March 2018, outperforming its benchmark by 7.0% annualised.

Arnold said “at Aoris we see ourselves as business owners and seek to grow wealth for our investors through participating in the economics of unusually high-quality businesses globally. Our approach is to own a small number these businesses, each of which is typically highly diversified by serving many different end markets in many different countries. We have a bias towards owning businesses that supply a product or service that is critical to its customer’s outcome.” Unconventionally the Fund excludes a number of industries from their investment consideration including banks, insurers, energy companies, mining companies, utilities, telcos, gaming companies and tobacco companies. Furthermore, a look into the Fund’s holdings reveals that since inception returns have been achieved without a taste of the FAANG stocks.

The Aoris International Fund is also available on the Macquarie Wrap, HUB24 and Netwealth platforms and was recently assigned an ‘Approved’ rating from Zenith.

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