Smartr365 appoints Billy Grimley as Chief Commercial Officer


Smartr365, the end-to-end software platform provider for mortgage businesses, has announced the appointment of Billy Grimley as its Chief Commercial Officer.

In his new role, Billy will lead the creation of a cohesive and interconnected commercial strategy for Smartr365, focusing on excellent customer success processes to ensure users get maximum value from the platform both during and after their initial purchase. Bringing together his experience in sales, marketing and customer success, Billy will also lead a reorganisation of the commercial side of the business. This will involve streamlining processes and resource allocation, ensuring that Smartr365’s industry-leading team are operating as effectively as possible to deliver value for users.

Billy’s previous roles at companies such as TrustPilot and WeWork have consolidated his knowledge and expertise in integrating SAAS technology into businesses, to disrupt ‘traditional’ sectors. This is something he will continue in his career at Smartr365 as he assists Smartr365 in their objective of bringing sophisticated technology to the famously hesitant mortgage industry.

Billy Grimley, COO at Smartr365, said: “The main issue facing the mortgage industry is that the technology has often been overlooked when it comes to innovation and development. I’m excited to be working with a company that focuses on leading these changes and streamlining the mortgage process for brokers and their clients.

“The mortgage market is resting on their laurels and traditional views; it’s time for a shake-up. Smartr365 is well positioned to be the market disrupter and the driving force for change, helping companies grow by harnessing SAAS technology and breaking away from their dated methods. I look forward to working with everyone at Smartr365 and our many industry partners to achieve this.”

Conor Murphy, CEO of Smartr365 said: “Smartr365 has always been differentiated from the rest of the market by our tech-first approach and our commitment to delivering great customer service for both our users and their clients. It’s essential that every part of our team shares that ethos, and Billy fits the bill perfectly.

“We’re excited to get going. Billy’s extensive experience of SAAS technology and customer success models will be a great asset to Smartr365’s growth as we continue to focus on delivering an unrivalled broker platform”

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