Zenith Managed Account clients increase through market volatility


David Wright

Demand for Zenith Investment Partners managed account services continues to grow amid the uncertainty and volatility in investment markets sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zenith’s CEO David Wright said it is not unexpected that advice firms were proactive in seeking additional investment, research and client communication support during these times.

“As market volatility spikes, and investors become more anxious about their portfolios, adviser workloads can increase considerably. There are many benefits of having a solid investment team behind you.

“This is particularly evident for those advice businesses operating with a managed accounts structure for their clients. Whether it is to review and rebalance multiple portfolios promptly during extreme volatility, or to quickly investigate specific funds or managers and make a more portfolio-specific change, the ability to adjust and communicate portfolio changes immediately on behalf of multiple clients when required can be invaluable.

“The benefit of a more customised managed account solution for clients,” said Wright, “is that it can be fully tailored to meet the best interests of an advice practices’ specific client base demographics along with the investment philosophy of the advice firm.”

Recently, three more advice businesses have launched customised managed account solutions using Zenith’s Investment Management services.

Melbourne-based Kearney Group has developed models with a strong focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) for their client’s investment solutions.

Matt Englund, Kearney’s Chief Operating Officer, said “Kearney Group believes that ESG themes are key determinants of future value and sustainability for organisations globally. Working with Zenith we aim to identify and include funds that support this theme in their investment criteria.”

Innate, which is also Melbourne-based, has worked with Zenith to develop a series of income and growth focused portfolios, in addition to a number of ESG solutions.

And Perth-based group Boutique Advisers has partnered with Zenith to develop portfolio solutions that further support the existing investment philosophy for their growing number of clients whilst also providing increased investment reporting, insight and compliance rigour for the practice.

Zenith has been providing managed account solutions to advisers for their clients for 4 years being one of the early adopters in the space, including both customised and public offer platform menu solutions.

“We believe managed accounts provide advisory firms with best practice portfolio management through an efficient administration and trading structure, professional investment management compliant reporting to both investment committees, advisers and the end client.  As such, this is an area of financial services that will continue to grow quickly,” Wright added.

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