Equity Trustees superannuation team expands to meet demand


Australia’s leading trustee company Equity Trustees has further expanded its Superannuation Trustee Office (STO) to meet client demands, announcing six new additions to the team.

Joining the STO, is former head of the TAL Trustee Office, Stephen Graham as Head of Transformation, and former head of superannuation business development at Colonial First State, Scott Waller as Senior Client Account Manager.

Specialist appointments include Sarah Adinsall and Rupert Butterworth in the Insurance team, Duncan McPherson (Compliance) and Lisa Yeung (Oversight and Risk).

“Equity Trustees is growing to become recognised as the leading provider of independent superannuation trustee services in Australia and we have increasing demands on our office as a result. With our focus on member interests, it makes sense that we will invest in the best quality expertise to support the high standard or service members are relying on us for,” said Mark Blair, STO Executive General Manager.

The new recruits join in the wake of two recent major announcements – the appointment of George Zielinski to the Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited (ETSL) Board, and appointment as superannuation trustee for the AMP Life superannuation funds.

“Being a superannuation trustee is a privileged role but comes with an array of technical complexities of governance and regulation. With many Australians seeking early access to their superannuation savings due to economic conditions, now more than ever, specialist superannuation trustee experience is essential,” he said.

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