Implemented Portfolios delivers IMA solution to Wealth Today Advisers


Australian based Managed Discretionary Account provider – Implemented Portfolios Limited (IPL) has announced it has entered into an agreement with Wealth Today to provide their financial advisers with an efficient Individually Managed Account (IMA) offering.

Recently added to the Wealth Today Approved Product List, Implemented Portfolios’ scalable managed account solution is being made available to financial advisers who are licensed under Wealth Today, enabling them to provide their clients with individual tailoring of their investment portfolios based on their unique preferences, values and goals.

This comes as pleasing news for IPL who have continued to experience increased uptake at a licensee level for their IMA solution, as the advice industry seeks to offer investors bespoke, personalised investment solutions which are customized to reflect individual preferences.

IPL has also seen an uplift of advisers who are seeking to partner with the right outsourced portfolio management solution, enabling them to spend more time with clients and deepen their client relationships.

Chief Executive of Corporate development for IPL, Santi Burridge is delighted that IPL has been added to the Wealth Today APL saying “Forward thinking dealer groups are increasingly seeing the necessity for an investment service solution like ours that truly partners with advisers to put the client first. On top of that, the efficiencies gained from utilizing our IMA service really do free up advisers’ time – allowing them to step deeper into the role they were designed to do – helping their clients live their best lives.”

“We are excited to have partnered with Wealth Today to help enable the advisers under their AFSL with more opportunities to do that.”

National Head of the Advice Team at Wealth Today, Jack Standing has welcomed the Individually Managed Account offering, seeing traction from advisers already on what he believes will be an efficiency game changer for advice practices. “Licensees need to ensure they are doing as much as they can to enable advisers to act in their clients’ best interests and we believe the customisation made available through the Implemented Portfolios IMA service meets this obligation while assisting advisers manage their growing compliance requirements.”

Wealth Today adviser and client of Implemented Portfolios Ray Backhouse who has been a keen advocate for the inclusion of Implemented Portfolios on the The Wealth Today APL has said, “I am a true believer in the benefits that the Implemented IMA service brings to my clients.”

“Once my colleagues at Wealth Today realise how easy it is to convey to their clients the unique selling advantage of Dynamic Asset Allocation over the “one size fits all” Strategic Allocation of the Unit trust providers, I expect there will be substantial adviser uptake. Not to mention the relief they will feel not having to just rely on their individual judgement when selecting investment choices on behalf of their clients.”

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