Colonial First State and Aspect Capital celebrate 10-year partnership


Scott Tully

Colonial First State (CFS) is set to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its strategic partnership with investment manager Aspect Capital.

The partnership began with the launch of the Aspect Diversified Futures Fund in 2010, which uses systematic modelling and tactical allocation to capture profit in both rising and falling market environments.

In June this year Aspect Capital introduced significant fee reductions (up to 40 basis points for the Class A vehicle), reducing the cost of investing for thousands of Australian investors in the Aspect Diversified Futures Fund.

The CFS Aspect Capital partnership expanded in 2017 with the launch of a second fund for Australian investors: the Aspect Absolute Return fund.  The fund’s investment objective is to generate a stable return profile by capturing and maximising diversification across a balanced combination of momentum, value and carry alternative risk premia themes.

CFS General Manager of Investments Scott Tully said, “CFS’s strategic partnerships are with highly specialised global investment managers. Since they were appointed, the partnership with Aspect Capital has brought investors increased diversification due to low correlation with traditional asset classes, the ability to benefit in both rising and falling markets as well as access to opportunities across a broad range of liquid global markets.

“Over the past 10 years, the Aspect Diversified Futures Fund has consistently delivered on its investment objective of generating significant medium-term capital growth independent of overall movements in traditional stock and bond markets. It has a strong track record of providing positive returns including during prolonged periods of equity market stress.”

Reflecting on the past 10 years, Anthony Todd, CEO of Aspect Capital said, “We are thrilled to celebrate this partnership and are as committed today as we were 10 years ago to providing the Australian market with access to innovative, systematic investment solutions.

“Our team provides research-led enhancements to our programs, and in today’s uncertain environment, I believe that our experience and consistent approach to research are crucial to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.”



**On the dollar value of positive performance after management fees (less carried forward negative performance) above the Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate. For more information, refer to the PDS.

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