HUB24 adds Insync’s megatrend focussed fund


Monik Kotecha

HUB24 has added the Insync Global Quality Equity Fund to its platform. It is expected the fund will be available in both Investment and Super Accounts by the end of December 2020. This new fund is in addition to the Insync Global Titans SMA managed with the same strategy on HUB24.

Wes Gillett, National Manager Distribution at Insync Funds Management, was delighted that their global megatrend focussed strategy with a decade of excellent performance is now available on the country’s fastest growing investment platform.

“The fund is consistently performing in the 1st quartile over every time period and our senior investment team look for opportunities amongst the world’s most consistently profitable firms. Our portfolio has performed at 16.84% pa[1] over its 10-year life, and consistently delivered outperformance well in excess of 5% pa* to the MISCI ACWI.”[2]

“The international element of a portfolio is now of even more interest for the advice industry when volatility and the income drought limit growth potential for portfolios. Our fund shows very low correlation in outperformance with all our international peers and should therefore deliver enhanced performance in blended portfolios over the long term” said Mr Gillett.

The firm was launched in 2009 by Monik Kotecha and Garry Wyatt and has a consistent long-term track record of picking up most of the upside in rising markets, and most importantly, an inherently low downside participation in declining markets.

Insync’s investment philosophy revolves around very high-quality companies that are benefiting from disruption, have long runways of growth through exposure to global megatrends, and are highly profitable.

“We wrap deep quantitative analysis around insights on industry disruption and the 16 key megatrends that our firm has identified as being predictive of long-term growth” said Insync’s CIO Monik Kotecha.

Insync funds are available on HUB24, Macquarie Wrap, Netwealth, Powerwrap and ASX mFund.

The fund has received a superior rating from SQM, and Insync also recently won the Emerging Manager of the Year Award from Money Management.


[1] Gross of fund MERs
[2] Insync

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