Lonsec awards recommended rating to Robeco SDG Credit Income Fund (AUD Hedged)


Victor Verberk

The Robeco SDG Credit Income Fund (AUD Hedged) (“Fund”) has received a recommended rating from independent research house, Lonsec.

Robeco launched the Fund – which aims to contribute to realising the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) – for Australian investors in November 2020. It feeds into the Luxembourg-domiciled strategy launched in May 2018, and has since attracted USD 1.2 billion in assets under management globally as of 31 March 2021.

The strategy is managed by Robeco’s global credits team including the CIO of fixed income and sustainability, Victor Verberk, and portfolio managers Reinout Schapers and Evert Giesen are jointly responsible for the management of the Fund.

The sustainable investing team, led by Carola van Lamoen, is responsible for the framework, data and assessment of names relative to the SDG’s.

In assessing the Fund, the report said: “Robeco has a strong pedigree in sustainable investing and the SDG/impact framework is seen as robust and well-developed with specialist resourcing.

“Overall ESG integration across the investment process for the Fund was strong and demonstrated a leading position relative to peers in this sector.”

Robeco Australia head, Stephen Dennis, said: “Receiving a ‘recommended’ rating from Lonsec is a strong endorsement of the Fund and increases its appeal to financial advisers. With our expertise in sustainable investing and credits, Robeco is well placed to meet the demand in the market for quality sustainable credit funds.”

The Robeco SDG Credit Income Fund (AUD Hedged) is an actively managed global credit strategy that invests in opportunities across different segments of the credit market, ranging from investment grade to emerging markets credits, to high yield.

It aims to provide a monthly income distribution and achieve an attractive yield currently about four per cent per annum, while managing downside risk and mapping the impact of the portfolio’s contributions to the SDG’s.

The recommended rating from Lonsec for Robeco SDG Credit Income Fund (AUD Hedged) sits alongside the recommended rating from research consultancy, Zenith Investment Partners.

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