TAL’s Claims Assist extended to meet changing customer expectations


Jenny Oliver

Leading life insurance specialist, TAL, has announced its customer focused Claims Assist digital service has now been rolled out to more superannuation fund partners to help their members more easily manage their claims.

Seven of TAL’s superannuation fund partners are now offering their members access to the digital service, which complements the services and expertise of TAL’s claims team to enhance customers’ claims experience by making the process as simple, transparent and quick as possible.

Claims Assist employs tailored automation to create greater efficiency in the administrative side of the claims process. This is achieved by simplifying the tracking of a customer’s claim, allowing customers to upload documents, and providing clarity around any information requirements that are still outstanding on the claim.

In addition, by removing some of those administrative aspects from the Claims Consultant’s role, they are able to focus on supporting claimants through the more personal or complex aspects of their claim.

The take-up of Claims Assist has continued to expand since it was launched in 2018, reflecting changing consumer expectations and an increasing demand for technology-enabled self-service options.

TAL Chief Claims Officer, Jenny Oliver, said, “TAL recognises that for many customers, the convenience and ease of access that comes with a digital experience can lessen the burden of the claims process. We are continually looking for opportunities to streamline the claims journey to help improve customer experiences.

“By giving our customers a simple way to submit their claim documents and track progress instantly, Claims Assist can enhance our customers’ peace of mind so they can focus on what matters most – getting better.

“Claims Assist is one part of our digital transformation program in the claims space – a key part of that program is focussing on where technology can play its most valuable role in enhancing customer outcomes.

“Digitisation holds enormous potential for streamlining the claims process, but we also recognise how important the human empathy component continues to be in supporting customers through what is already a very challenging time of their life.

“Customers can still call and speak to us at any time, but Claims Assist gives our customers choice in the way they interact with us. For customers who utilise Claims Assist, we see faster submissions of requirements, lower inbound calls and increased satisfaction.”

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