Former AFA National President launches The Money Sandwich


Marc Bineham

Marc Bineham, former Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) National President, former financial adviser, and Managing Director of Noall & Co, has launched The Money Sandwich, a book aimed at helping the over-50s better manage their money and retire comfortably.

“This is a demographic I know very well because I belong to it, as do my friends and family,” Mr Bineham said. “It is also a demographic I feel really needs help as many are at a critical time in their lives, both personally and financially.”

A former financial adviser who had a 30+ year career in the profession, Mr Bineham said people in this demographic are mainly in their 50s and 60s and are the ‘sandwich generation’. They are in the last decade or two of their working lives and are trying to financially support their adult children and their aging parents, while also preparing for their own retirement.

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has stated that the average couple at age 67 needs $640,000 in superannuation, however according to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) the average couple, at a similar age, has only $418,000.  So, the retirement gap is around $220,000. If English is a second language, it is around half that again.

“This is a great period of our lives but financially it comes with significant challenges because of the competing priorities,” he said.  “The Money Sandwich is designed to help people successfully navigate these challenges by providing practical, easy-to-understand knowledge, tips and action lists on all aspects of financial management for pre- and post-retirement.”

The Money Sandwich provides information on how to:

  • Manage debt and take control of your money
  • Build a plan to ensure your financial freedom and retire on your own terms
  • Build a diverse but secure investment portfolio
  • Understand superannuation (finally!), and how to optimise it
  • Have ‘The Conversation’ with your elderly parents
  • Set up your millennial children for a worry-free financial future
  • Find and work with a financial advice professional

Marc is a national and international speaker on all aspects of money; a money coach, helping educate consumers on money matters, and an advocate for advisers. Throughout his career, Mr Bineham has coached families, helping them to get on top of their money worries, manage their money better and live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Order The Money Sandwich.

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