ASVWFS modern era offering gains momentum in a changing market


Stuart Abley

Reflecting on ASVW Financial Services Pty Ltd (ASVWFS) first six months, CEO Stuart Abley affirmed that the group’s marketplace offering and approach was fundamentally different to the traditional licensee model and is steadily gaining attention and interest.

Stuart Abley is adamant the conventional model (regardless of ownership) that measures success by FUM or adviser numbers is ‘under stress’ – and unsustainable in a growing number of cases.

“We are also witnessing the fallout of financial advisers’ loss of trust and confidence in the large, vertically integrated institutions – many of whom are actively seeking alternatives to the institutions in order to ensure they can continue to provide advice and service their clients”, said Stuart Abley.

Before accepting the role as CEO, Stuart took time out to obtain an objective view of what the advice sector was going to look like post FoFA / Royal Commission.

“It was obvious that a much different approach was needed – one that provided fresh thinking for those advice practitioners seeking a more innovative offering, a boutique feel, was professional and independent of manufacturers and institutions.”

Stuart Abley continued, “From this understanding, the ASVWFS offering was developed to provide advisers the opportunity to be associated with a licensee that intimately understands the industry; is technology driven; product agnostic; has access to marketing leading client engagement tools as well as choice of platforms and managed accounts”.

In addition, ASVWFS saw its future as one where its network of professional advice practitioners would work within strategic alliance frameworks with fellow advice providers such as accountants, lawyers and other professional service firms to deliver the very highest standards of client service and advice.

Furthermore, the ASVWFS is not a ‘top down model’ or obsessed with recruiting numbers for numbers sake as the group’s aim is to be an intimate partner focusing on productive, individual, Win-Win relationships with each practice.

Managing growth and most importantly, building an organisation based on ‘sharing value’ that includes exit and succession options are further ASVWFS key drivers. To achieve this, ASVWFS has brought together an extensive range of services, facilities and offerings that are dedicated to specifically supporting the delivery of comprehensive, ethical, professional advice by:

  • taking bias out of business models with diverse product solutions
  • providing access to latest advances in technology and processes
  • utilising technology to enhance the client experience and engagement
  • providing business succession and/or M&A opportunities and pathways
  • quality business planning and marketing support

Stuart Abley concluded, “Financial services has undergone immense and unprecedented change and this will continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future”. “However, this environment has provided an opportunity for ASVWFS to position ourselves as “Licensee of Choice” for entrepreneurial advice businesses seeking to capitalise on post FoFA/Royal Commission opportunities”.

“We are determined to build success on the productivity growth of our advice network and differentiation from other licensees via a very clear vision of the future and a collaborative corporate model dedicated to servicing the needs of advice businesses and their clients”.

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