La Trobe Financial achieves carbon neutral milestone

Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews

The $13 billion Australian based Credit Asset Manager La Trobe Financial joins a growing list of Asset Managers focusing on ESG and climate, announcing today that it has achieved a carbon neutral milestone following its independent carbon footprint assessment.

La Trobe Financial has worked closely with independent advisers Carbon Neutral to measure its assessment of emissions activities. The methodology used is in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol from the World Resources Institute, using additional data from the Commonwealth Government, international and domestic governments and academic resources. To achieve carbon neutrality, La Trobe Financial has offset its carbon footprint and has invested in projects that reduce or absorb greenhouse gas emissions equal to what they produced through the year. Carbon Neutral have advised that these projects have been recognised as high integrity Gold Standard projects.

Commenting on the firm’s carbon status, Chris Andrews, Deputy CEO & Chief Investment Officer at La Trobe Financial said “We are very proud of the approval of our carbon neutral footprint program. We recognise in today’s market that this is a key business metric. We have documented a formal Carbon Reduction Plan, so that we can meet future targets and go beyond simply offsetting our carbon emissions. In the current plan, we propose to implement multiple projects to ensure that we reach our business commitment to 100% carbon zero by 2030. A commitment that we have pledged in our group ESG Framework approved by our Board.

Caterina Nesci, Director of ESG & International Partnerships added “To have completed this critical assessment with Carbon Neutral during the past 6 months is a real achievement.

We now have our carbon footprint benchmark and intend to reduce our footprint every year moving forward. Doing this is clearly in the interest of the company and important for the future of the planet.

We will be activating a number of projects over coming months including reducing travel emissions, sustainable procurement practices, reducing waste and landfill, and aiming to become paperless just to name a few. This will involve every aspect of the business and all staff are truly committed to playing their part in this important work.

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