Zurich Australia and New Zealand announces Paid Gender Affirmation Leave Policy


Justin Delaney

Zurich Australia and New Zealand is pleased to announce a Gender Affirmation Policy, strengthening Zurich’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Zurich’s new Gender Affirmation Policy provides transgender and gender diverse team members access to assistance if they choose to take steps to affirm their gender identity both socially and/or physically. It includes:

  • leave entitlement of four weeks paid leave, plus
  • up to 12 months unpaid leave
  • implementation of a personalised workplace action plan, and
  • access to support through Zurich’s Employee Assistance Provider.

Additional support is also provided to the individual’s manager, colleagues and allies to ensure a supportive environment for our people affirming their gender.

Zurich recognises that every individual’s experience of gender affirmation is unique, and this is reflected in the flexibility of the leave and range of support provided to the individual.

Justin Delaney, CEO Zurich Australia and New Zealand, said yesterday: “I’m so pleased to announce our Gender Affirmation Policy today. It is another step in our journey towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where those who wish to affirm their gender, in whichever way they choose, are provided with support, dignity and respect.

“Our people can feel confident to be themselves and feel safe and supported at Zurich. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, with this new policy helping us reach our full potential,” he said.

Rodney Hanratty, Head of Human Resources, Zurich Australia and New Zealand, said: “Our new Gender Affirmation Policy shows solidarity and support for our transgender and gender diverse community. This policy provides individuals flexibility, support and time to undertake their journey in a way that suits them.

“We believe everyone has the right to be supported in the workplace and this policy reflects our commitment to recognise our diverse voices, be inclusive, drive equity and ensure our people can feel a strong sense of belonging,” said Rod.

During the development of the Gender Affirmation Policy, Zurich Australia and New Zealand worked closely with PrideZ, Zurich’s LGBTQ+ employee resource group.

Evelyn Foong, PrideZ Executive Sponsor, said: “This Policy reflects the value we place in appreciating each other’s differences and our commitment to treat each other with care and respect.

“This is a proud day for me and our PrideZ network as we take another great stride at Zurich to become a truly diverse and inclusive organisation,” said Evelyn.

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