Evergreen launches industry leading Responsible Investment Client Questionnaire


Angela Ashton

Evergreen Consultants has launched a Responsible Investment Questionnaire that financial advisers can use to help clients select Responsible Investment (RI) products for their investment portfolios.

The RI Questionnaire builds on the successful development of the Evergreen Responsible Investment Grading (ERIG) Index, which was launched a year ago and now houses RI scores for over 670 investment products and 2700 APIR codes.

Evergreen Consultants Founder and Director Angela Ashton says: “With ASIC clamping down on greenwashing and ongoing FASEA requirements, advisers are under more pressure than ever before to have these important conversations with their clients, and we are right there on the journey with them.”

The RI Questionnaire is designed to assist investors in identifying funds that align with their values. It builds and RI Profile for each client, which then produces a list of products that match their preferences.

It asks questions that explore an investor’s attitude to the seven categories of the RI Spectrum that the ERIG Index scores. They are ESG integration, negative screening, norms-based screening, active ownership, positive screening, sustainability themed investment and impact investing.

Using the list of products produced, an adviser can build a portfolio that matches the client’s needs and values.

“Working with advisers is at the core of our business and building this online tool was a logical next step for us on the RI journey,” Ashton says.

“We are hearing a lot in the marketplace that the demands of providing RI advice can be overwhelming. We are in a position to help bridge the gap in RI advice and we are absolutely going to step up and fill that gap.

“Standards 5 and 6 of the FASEA Code of Ethics refer to the need for advisers to ask their clients about their investment beliefs as part of best interest duties. Our client Questionnaire is comprehensive and covers this duty with respect to RI.”

Each RI Profile can be saved and amended as needed or exported as a PDF or an Excel file.

Evergreen is currently offering free one month trials for advisers to familiarise themselves with the Portal. The Portal currently has four Modules – Product Search, Portfolio Construction, Client Questionnaire and Knowledge Library.

Ashton reveals that “We are currently having conversations with various platforms and software providers to further integrate the ERIG Index into adviser workflows, making RI advice even more streamlined.”

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