iExtend launches nationwide iExchange Forum


David Sarkis

iExtend has launched the iExchange Forums, a national assembly designed to bring together like-minded advisers from across Australia to provide an opportunity to connect and to advocate industry solutions to current industry challenges.

The iExchange Forums encapsulates how iExtend will continue to work with advisers, in a collaborative manner, to ensure the best outcome for policyholders. iExtend has hosted iExchange Forum launch events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth and this week, will launch the Forum in Adelaide.

Already more than 40 licensees and privately owned businesses have attended these events, creating a foundation member group of over 80 risk advisers across Australia. The Forums have been well received by advisers who  have valued the opportunity to build their network, collaborate and discuss how insurance can be better viewed as an asset rather than a liability.

“It is great to have like-minded advisers in the one room who are positive about the future and yet bring deep experience with them,” said Don Trapnell, former Synchron Chairman and current Director, Llenpart Financial and Founding Member of iExchange Forum, Melbourne

“iExtend is bringing together advisers in forums that are educational, positive and social and where advisers can listen to each other,” said Nowak Financial Services Director and former AFA President Michael Nowak and Founding Member of iExchange Forum, Brisbane

“The iExtend Exchange Forums are a new, adviser-focussed way to catch up with fellow advisers who are seeing similar challenges to you and who can provide insights on how they are responding to them,” said Reece Keys, Financial Adviser, Solace Financial House Financial Adviser and Founding Member of iExchange Forum, Brisbane

To date, the national events have showcased CPD accredited presentations from Strategy Consultant and former Zurich/One Path Risk Strategy expert Mark Neil, iExtend CEO David Sarkis and iExtend Head of Distribution, Protip DasGupta.

According to iExtend CEO David Sarkis, advisers are looking to connect face-to-face, to compare stories and experiences and to leverage their great skill.

“The insurance operating environment is very complex and stressful right now with a number of issues hurting policyholders, and financial advisers are having to deal with this. The Forums provide a unique setting for them to come together and discuss new approaches and what is working.”

Over the coming months, iExtend will attend a number of industry events, PD days and Licensee days as it continues to inform and educate the advice market on its offer. iExtend is currently operating under a Corporate Authorised Representative licence while it awaits its Australian Financial Services Licence from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

iExtend’s Head of Distribution Protip DasGupta said advisers are key in assisting Australians make good choices about their life insurance, particularly when they are under pressure with health changes and financial pressures.


“Financial advisers are central to helping Australians manage and retain their life insurance policies. iExtend has been working closely with them to ensure they understand how iExtend works, and how our proposition can help the policyholders, advisers and insurers, overall enhancing the sustainability of the life insurance industry.”

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