BT Panorama managed accounts now exceed 400, diversified and ESG options added


Zac Leman

BT’s managed accounts offering has reached a milestone, with the total number of managed portfolios on BT Panorama pushing past 400, and funds under administration in these products reaching $16 billion.[1]

So far this calendar year, new products that have launched on the platform include those managed by Vanguard, Watershed Funds Management and Quilla Consulting. The range of additions includes diversified options, which are open to all advisers and clients. Managed accounts that are tailored for certain advice practices, as well as new ESG (environmental, social, governance) options, have also been introduced.

Zac Leman, Head of Managed Accounts, BT, said: “We continue to build our offer for advisers on BT Panorama, to meet adviser demand for managed account solutions. The new additions just from this year demonstrate the breadth of products that are available on the platform.

“In particular, the various risk profiles of the diversified options cater to the needs of advisers who are looking for an efficient way to manage the investments of a wide-ranging client base.”

Managed accounts can help advisers introduce greater efficiencies in their business and, according to Investment Trends, 63% of advisers surveyed said that using managed accounts result in substantial time savings.[2]

In the 12 months to 30 April 2024, BT added 94 managed portfolios on BT Panorama. Further, BT’s managed accounts offering grew to a total of over 400 managed portfolios, with funds under administration increasing by 31% to $16bn during this period (excluding Adviser and Tailored Portfolios). FUA in BT’s managed portfolios now represent 14% of the total $111.3bn FUA on BT Panorama (also as of 30 April 2024).

Vanguard Diversified Managed Account Strategies launching this week

Launching this week is Vanguard’s Diversified Managed Account Strategies, a multi-asset portfolio construction solution, available on BT Panorama’s full menu as well as its low-cost Compact menu.

Compared to the BT Panorama full menu, the Compact menu offers a narrower range of products, at a lower price – a fixed dollar fee of $180 and a yearly asset-based administration fee of 0.15%.

With four risk profiles available, Vanguard’s Diversified Managed Account Strategies make multi-asset portfolio construction simple and efficient for advice practices.

The strategies offer low-cost exposure to over 16,000 securities across a range of asset classes. Vanguard Australia was recently awarded Fund Manager of the Year – Multisector at the 2024 Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence in Australia, in recognition of its quality multi-sector investments that have delivered long-term returns for investors.

“We are excited to make this announcement, as the addition of our Diversified Managed Account Strategies on BT Panorama represents a significant expansion of Vanguard’s managed account offer via new distribution channels,” said Rachel White, Head of Financial Adviser Services, Vanguard Investments Australia.

Ms White added: “Most importantly, it reflects the growing demand from advisers for gaining greater access to our diversified solutions.”

Tailored solutions for advice firms

William Buck Wealth Advisers recently launched a suite of three diversified portfolios on BT Panorama.

Adrian Frinsdorf, Director, Wealth Advisory at William Buck, said: “We’ve dealt with BT for decades. The team has shone, assisting us with the implementation of our portfolios, and working very collaboratively to provide a great solution for us and our clients.”

Meanwhile, investment manager Quilla Consulting has partnered with Cygnet Financial to create three diversified managed portfolios that are tailored for the dealer group.

Watershed Funds Management products open to all advisers

Watershed Funds Management has launched four new portfolios, which are available to all advisers and their clients. The new managed accounts have exposure to Australian shares, international shares, emerging markets and income-focused allocations.

“It’s been a busy start to the year,” Mr Leman said, “and with a strong product pipeline, we expect to see continued growth in managed accounts.”


[1] As of 30 April 2024.
[2] 2 According to Investment Trends, 63% of advisers surveyed said that managed accounts help them save 17.1 hours on average in a typical work week. SPDR/ETFs / Investment Trends Managed Accounts Report 2023.

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