Australia sets the standard in ETF regulation

BetaShares Capital Ltd (BetaShares), one of Australia’s leading exchange traded fund (ETF) providers, says Australia is leading the way with best practice standards for regulating ETFs that are designed to ensure Australia avoids issues raised in the recent Bank for International Settlements (BIS) paper on the risk of ETFs. Some of the key issues highlighted... Read more continue reading

Digging Deeper: Institutional ETF investment in Australia


The Australian ETF market has gathered momentum over the last two years, gathering AUM across a range of products, investment styles and providers.   However unlike the US or Europe, the growth of these investment vehicles in the local market has been largely driven by retail investors, with most institutional investors seemingly reluctant to get... Read more continue reading

ETF Landscape: Global Industry Highlights


Deborah Fuhr, Managing Director and Global Head of ETF Research and Implementation Strategy at BlackRock, reports on the growth of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchanged Traded Products (ETPs) around the globe. At the end of May 2011, the global ETF industry had 2,747 ETFs with 6,079 listings and assets of US$1,446.6 Bn, from 142 providers on... Read more continue reading

Australia lags the world in institutional uptake of ETFs


Speaking yesterday at an ASX conference on Exchange Traded Funds, Deborah Fuhr, Managing Director of investment company BlackRock, said that while retail investors in Australia had embraced ETFs, institutional investors were slower to adopt them due to a lack of familiarity with these types of products. In the US the ETF market has over a... Read more continue reading