DKN signs for another 5 years with BT Wrap


BT Wrap is delighted to announce it has signed a further five year agreement with DKN Financial Group Limited (DKN), reflecting the continued strength of the long term partnership between the two groups.

Chris Freeman, Head of BT Wrap, said the agreement acknowledges Wrap’s continued commitment to working closely with DKN to provide its advisers with a market leading platform solution.

“The strength of BT Wrap is built around collaborative relationships with our partners, and DKN is no exception. We’ve been working with members of the DKN team for more than 10 years now, in fact since the launch of Wrap back in 1997, which is testament to the commitment of both groups to get the most out of this partnership. ” he said.

“We have a strong track record of product and service investment, which we know is a critical factor for groups such as DKN, who are looking to work with a partner who has the scale to invest in the platform. Our upcoming product development reflects the many discussions we’ve had with our partners, and DKN has been a keen participant.

“In particular, we are well into our three year program to build a market leading equities solution with our comprehensive model portfolio tools launching later this year, and we also have projects underway to build a fully integrated Cash Management Account on Wrap and overhauling the Wrap DeskTop to make it even easier to use.”

Phil Butterworth, CEO DKN, said the agreement reflects DKN’s commitment to deliver a market leading platform now and into the future.

“Our agreement with BT Wrap ensures DKN continues to be involved in the ongoing development and enhancement of the platform therefore delivering the most efficient, cost effective and well rounded solution for our advisers and their clients. Through this successful relationship, DKN have introduced pricing reductions across our full suite of platforms administered by BT,” Phil said.

“Our advisers have been very receptive to the recent platform enhancements including the new suite of insurance products and bulk trading functionality and eagerly await the roll-out of the model portfolio management tools.”

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