Asgard kicks off 3-year equities roadmap with custodial shares and corporate actions solution


Asgard has launched its custodial shares solution through eWRAP Investment giving advisers the  ability to manage their clients’ corporate actions online by allowing the platform to take delivery of  all the client’s shares information.

Kelly Power, National Product Manager for Asgard, said this has been a highly anticipated product development and launches their exciting three-year equities roadmap.

“What this solution delivers is less paperwork for the adviser and their client, easy management of share opportunities and more control of their client’s corporate actions,” Kelly said.

“Asgard will streamline the administration of the adviser’s client’s shares by becoming the custodian of the shares and managing the share registry paperwork, while the client remains the beneficial owner.

“It will allow advisers to demonstrate their full value by moving their client’s shares onto the platform with their other investments and to offer advice inclusive of shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

“It creates major adviser efficiencies and significantly reduces the share paperwork burden for advisers, their staff and their clients.”

Kelly said the rapid growth in ETFs and the fact shares remain the preferred vehicle for HNW investors meant it was crucial to have shares on a platform.

“Having shares on platform offers superior visibility, allows advisers to fully participate in the growth of SMSFs and helps with managing compliance and keeping general affairs in order,” she said.

“As well, the corporate actions solution allows advisers to easily view those that are open as well as recently closed, has simple click through to see all clients eligible to participate. It also has bulk election capability, reminder emails and simple downloads for offer documents.

“By giving advisers the ability to manage their client’s corporate actions online, they can spend more time with their clients and in building their businesses.

“Importantly, the custodial shares and corporate actions solution results in a fully automated and flexible all-online solution for eWRAP Investment and is tightly integrated with AdviserNET.”

Kelly said the Asgard team was looking forward to the next phases of their equities roadmap which included extending the shares capability with templating and bulk trading.

How a custodial shares account operates:

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