Australian payments technology hits high note at conclusion of peak global trade talks.


Global interest in Australian-produced payments technology has peaked in recent weeks as offshore banking and financial institutions have become exposed to the unique Payment Adviser technology.

Payment Adviser was one of a select handful of global IT vendors invited to showcase its unique electronic payments solution to delegates at the 37th annual Sibos trade event, held in Amsterdam last week.

Executives from Payment Adviser have subsequently planned follow-up talks with a number of central and corporate banks, pension funds, custodians and system providers, and other interested parties across Europe and the United States.

“While Payment Adviser is well-known for its application to the pension and superannuation market in Australia, we are thrilled to have demonstrated the universal capability of this technology,” said Payment Adviser global head of marketing and sales, Brad Rosenthal.

“For example, we have seen approaches from representatives of several emerging economies, who see benefits from leveling the playing field when competing in established international export markets.

“In other words, these emerging nations can see how Payment Adviser will enable them to grasp a much-needed efficiency boost and ‘leap frog’ traditional barriers to entry – which means competing immediately for lucrative procurement contracts on the global stage,” he said.

“Our technology complements all known transaction models to facilitate simple and efficient trade. But the key here is also to enable participants to, in effect, ‘talk the talk’ of their trade partners and meet the specific payment characteristics, data standards and other unique market practices of both procurer and supplier.

“Sibos is the world’s premier financial services and payments event, and proved an opportunity to demonstrate our unique technology while interacting with senior decision makers from around the globe.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to present what represents years of intensive research and development, with the message that we have unlocked a constituent code for all global financial payments,” said Mr Rosenthal.

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