AustralianSuper welcomes launch of


Website will support consumers to make better financial decisions

AustralianSuper today announced its support for ASIC’s new personal finance website MoneySmart, launched this afternoon by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

MoneySmart aims to help people make good financial decisions by providing free, independent and unbiased information, tools and motivation and is a key part of the National Financial Literacy Strategy, also launched today.

Ian Silk, Chief Executive of AustralianSuper and a member of the Australian Government  Financial Literacy Board, said that he was fully supportive of any initiative that could improve the financial wellbeing of Australians.

“AustralianSuper is strongly committed to helping both our members and the wider community make better decisions about their financial future, and particularly their super.

“We feel that the simple and straightforward information and tools available on MoneySmart will help consumers to get better educated about their finances and help them to maximise their financial and retirement outcomes.”

Mr. Silk added that AustralianSuper has seen from experience that there is demand from consumers for tools and resources that can help them make the most of their financial situations.

“We know from the popularity of the tools on our own website, such as the Retirement Income Calculator (RiC), that consumers are looking for this sort of accessible, easy-to-use information online.

“We think MoneySmart will be a great complement to steps already taken by organisations such as AustralianSuper in the superannuation space, and will help to educate and empower the community on wider financial matters.

“We would like to encourage others in the industry to follow this lead and focus on providing clear and accessible resources, in plain language, to their customers and to the wider community.”


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