S&P awards four stars to Pengana Asian Equities Fund


Standard & Poor’s Fund Services today assigned its four-star rating to the Pengana Asian Equities Fund, which is a long/short beta variable equity fund managed by Pengana Capital Ltd.

The product is primarily a fundamental strategy seeking equity market exposure to companies in the Asia-Pacific region, with a historical concentration in China and Hong Kong shares.  

In our view, Pengana is a fundamentally focused long/short equity manager seeking to provide intelligent equity market exposure that incorporates global macro and currency assessment and minimises drawdown through reducing beta exposure during negative market environments. 

“We see the strength of the team is in their demonstrated understanding of multiple factors that drive equity returns in the region including China government policy, investor sentiment, and global macro risks,” said S&P Fund Services sector head Michael Armitage. 

Historically, the manager has exhibited low correlation with Asia-Pacific equity market indices providing diversification benefits for investors. 

Over an investment cycle of five or more years, we would expect the manager to outperform and deliver returns with lower volatility of the relevant index.

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