S&P assigns Four-Star ‘NEW’ Rating to Advance Alternative Strategies Multi-Blend Fund

Standard & Poor’s Fund Services today assigned its four-star ‘NEW’ rating to the Advance Alternative Strategies Multi-Blend Fund, which is a hybrid approach to fund-of-hedge-funds (FOHF) investing managed through a partnership between Ramius Alternative Solutions (RASL) and Advance Asset Management.

The product is designed to mitigate historical issues of investing within FOHFs. Namely, to provide investors improved liquidity, diversification, transparency, and reduced overall fees.

In our view, the New York-based alternative investment specialist RASL provides local investors with an experienced institutional-quality manager able to deliver on the investment objectives of the offering through efficient access to a diversified portfolio of alternative investments. 

“Advance and RASL have combined to offer Australian investors a more efficient access to alternative multi-strategy investing while maintaining the diversification benefits of investing within alternative investments. Through the use of ‘alpha managers’, alternative beta replication, managed accounts, rules-based ‘algorithmic’ strategies, and hedging overlays, the offering seeks more efficient access to a given strategy for liquidity, cost, transparency, and performance,” said S&P alternatives sector head Michael Armitage.

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