New digital resources to help students understand tax and super


A new digital resource has been launched to help high school students understand the principles of taxation and superannuation.

Developed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the new Digital Curriculum Resource, Tax, Super + You was launched today at MacGregor State High School in Brisbane.

The new resource helps students gain a better understanding of how the taxation system works to support the community and how superannuation can provide for their retirement income.

“This is a fantastic new online resource that teachers will be able to use in schools to help explain to their students how our taxation system works,” Mr Bradbury said.

“It will also help to improve financial literacy, with interactive scenarios that will help give students the skills they need to better manage their tax and super when they leave school.”

Taxation Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo said the ATO had conducted extensive consultation with students and teachers in developing the new resources and had trialled the package in a number of schools around Australia, including MacGregor State High School.

“In developing Tax, Super + You we wanted to ensure it would be able to be integrated as easily as possible into any class curriculum,” Mr D’Ascenzo said.

“It includes suggested lesson plans to help teachers when needed but also can be used as a self-paced learning tool, lessening the demand on teachers.”

Local Federal Member for Moreton, Graham Perrett, said that local students would benefit from access to these new digital curriculum resources.

“Tax, Super + You empowers young people to take control of their financial future and I look forward to seeing the students from MacGregor State High School learn more about our taxation and superannuation system and how it benefits them and their local community,” Mr Perrett said.

11 July 2012

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