Xpress Super gets thumbs up from Survey

Thumbs up for Xpress Super by the 2013 Smart Investor Administrator Survey.

Thumbs up for Xpress Super by the 2013 Smart Investor Administrator Survey.

The decision by the specialist self-managed super fund (SMSF) administrator SuperGuardian to introduce the low-cost option Xpress Super has been strongly endorsed by the 2013 Smart Investor Administrator Survey.

Xpress Super, which was launched in April, has taken the top two positions in all three categories and scored best product for medium balance SMSFs ($1 million).

Xpress Super chief executive officer Olivia Long says:  “We always believed a low-cost option would have strong market appeal, but to have our judgment confirmed so quickly is an enormous fillip for the business.

“Xpress Super provides a complete SMSF solution for the self directed investor – with free SMSF establishment, an online trading solution provided by Comsec Adviser Services and all accounting, tax and compliance provided all for the low fee of $799. [The average SMSF fee is $2700.]

“But it’s not just an issue of cost. We are one of the few firms that insist all our client managers are a SPAA Specialist SMSF Advisor, ensuring the total professionalism of our service.”

Xpress Super, one of Australia’s first paperless SMSF services, uses the state-of-the-art software offered by Class Financial Systems.

Class CEO Rajarshi Ray says: “We are delighted to work with XpressSuper. Its price, service and delivery model are clearly supported by the market.

“For too long the SMSF industry and its participants have been held back by inferior, incumbent technologies that ill serve administrators and trustees alike. The work of Olivia and her team is changing that situation via this service – and we are excited to be part of it.”

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