ANZ Wealth joins Monash-CSIRO Super Research Cluster

Professor Deborah Ralston

Professor Deborah Ralston

The pre-eminent retirement incomes research organisation, the CSIRO-Monash University Superannuation Cluster, has secured another significant private sector backer with the decision by ANZ Wealth to join its ranks.

ANZ Wealth will join five other organisations as the key supporters of the $9 million research project that brings together academics from four universities, Monash, Warwick, Griffith and Western Australia, as well as the CSIRO, to examine the challenges facing the Australia’s retirement system.

The other five organisations are BT, Cbus, Mercer, Vanguard and Challenger, which, together Treasury, the ATO, the ABS, ASFA, National Seniors and AIST, form the Cluster’s Steering Committee with eminent researcher, Professor Hazel Bateman from the University of NSW. The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS), which promotes thought leadership in the financial services sector, leads the project for Monash University.

Patrick Clarke, Head of Direct Super and Investments at ANZ Wealth, said it was a privilege to be involved with the CSIRO-Monash University Superannuation Cluster.

“Over the past 18 months the work done by CSIRO and Monash in examining the dynamics and inter-relationships between superannuation and the wider economy, as well as the transition and retirement phase of Australians over 60, has been first class.

“We believe it’s critical that this research continues so that both the public and private sectors can base their decision–making on hard data in the vital area of superannuation.”

Dr Sarah Dods, CSIRO’s Research Director, Digital Economy, Digital Productivity and Services Flagship, said it was a tribute to the research done by the Cluster that such a significant player in the wealth management sector had decided to come on-board.

“We believe the research we have been conducting in areas such as ways to improve the participation of older workers is critical if we are to get the superannuation policy settings right, and for an organisation of the reputation of ANZ Wealth to give its support further endorses the value of our work.”

ACFS Executive Director, Professor Deborah Ralston, said the sheer size of the superannuation pool, at $1.8 trillion, posed important policy issues that the Cluster had been addressing.

“In the past, much of the research focus has been on asset allocation and the accumulation phase. But much less focus has been given to the post retirement phase and Australians over 60; a better retirement system is broader than superannuation, including pensions and private savings.

“What is critically needed for better policy and product development in post-retirement is a research evidence base.

“Funding for better health and welfare, accommodation and transport, they all have a bearing on the quality of the life enjoyed by older Australians and are important issues that demand a policy response, so the fact ANZ Wealth is giving its support to the Cluster is testimony we have the right focus and are adding to the pool of knowledge around retirement incomes policy.”




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