Midwinter and SuiteBox integrate

Julian Plummer

Julian Plummer

As technology continues to change the way we consume in all industries, it is evident that the financial services sector is no exception – the way in which financial advice is delivered will be a part of this revolution.

With this in mind, Midwinter Financial Services has today announced that it will integrate with SuiteBox (who unveiled their Virtual Advice Offering last week) in order to provide advisers using Midwinter’s software with an online meeting channel.

With both companies heavily involved in the Australian Fintech landscape, the mutual desire to be at the forefront of innovation within financial services technology motivated the two firms to work together to create a seamless adviser and client experience.

Midwinter has aimed to position itself as the software provider for the modern financial adviser, allowing much of its features and enhancements to be directed by the drive for innovation within the financial advice industry. The decision to integrate with SuiteBox is Midwinter’s next step in continuing to push the envelope when it comes to financial planning technology, providing its users with innovative features that will ultimately make it more efficient to deliver advice for the planner and easier to seek advice for the client.

The integration will offer unparalleled efficiency for advisers, progressively allowing advisers:

  • to initiate a SuiteBox meeting from within AdviceOS,
  • retrieve and save documents directly to and from the AdviceOS CRM, and
  • save the video link to the meeting against the client file.

The ‘go live’ of the first phase is expected in early December.

Speaking of the decision to launch a Virtual Advice offering for Midwinter users using SuiteBox, Managing Director of Midwinter – Julian Plummer said ‘We couldn’t be more excited to be first to market to offer this unique capability within the Australian planning software space. Advisers have inquired about the ability to carry out remote meetings for some time now, and its pleasing to be able to provide our users with the technology to do so via SuiteBox.’

‘In particular, the ability to carry out virtual advice has been eagerly anticipated by financial planners in regional areas, who often find it difficult to have regular face-to-face meetings with their clients. Using SuiteBox, an adviser can meet with a client located anywhere in the world. They can share and review documents, sign online and record the meeting using any web-enabled device. Now, via the Midwinter/SuiteBox integration, remote meetings for our users will not only as simple as a click of a few buttons, but they will also be recorded and saved within their AdviceOS CRM as the pure cloud technology within AdviceOS allows this.”

SuiteBox Country Head, Ian Dunbar, said “Virtual Advice is a game changer for financial advisers, offering the opportunity for them to expand their geographic reach, service clients more efficiency, grow their businesses and deliver advice to more Australians. SuiteBox is at the forefront of these developments, and we are proud to be working with Midwinter, a leader in Advice Innovation in Australia to deliver such a seamless and marketing leading solution.”

Managing Director, Julian Plummer added “The reason that the integration is so frictionless is due to Midwinter’s published open API which allows seamless integration with other approved software providers, allowing advisers to plug in various applications into AdviceOS with ease. Midwinter is pleased to have been able to offer this feature to our users for quite some time now, and to be growing the number of our integration partners.”

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