Meet more of Australia’s smartest new fintechs

Dilip Sankarreddy

Dilip Sankarreddy

Afiniation (The FinTech Network) is pleased to announce the names of a further 12 FinTech companies that will be presenting at its Melbourne Showcase on 14 April, 2016.

Jillian Upton, co-founder of Afiniation, said: “The Australian and New Zealand FinTech community is bringing world-class solutions and innovations to the financial services industry and we’re delighted to be showcasing some of this exceptional talent at our Melbourne Showcase.”

“The perception is that FinTech is something very niche and confined to areas like peer-to-peer lending and robo-advice. The reality is that FinTech has the potential to touch every aspect of our daily lives. Over 200 FinTech companies in Australia and New Zealand have already joined Afiniation, and the number of FinTech opportunities out there is limited only by the imagination of what is possible, something that will be made clear at the Melbourne Showcase,” said Upton.

The 12 additional innovators presenting are:

  1. Proviso
  2. Macrovue
  3. Plencore Wealth
  4. Fincast
  5. Swipe
  6. QuietGrowth
  7. Financial Choice
  8. Coredination
  9. BigFuture
  10. CXI Software
  11. TradeTrust
  12. Australian Corporate Bond Company

Quotes from the Innovators:

Dilip Sankarreddy, QuietGrowth founder & CEO – “QuietGrowth is delighted to be part of the Afiniation Showcase Event. The idea of regularly showcasing FinTech innovations in this way and supporting our efforts to grow is invaluable. QuietGrowth will demonstrate how our online investment management solution adds an important new service to the asset management industry.”

Luke Howes, Proviso co-founder & CEO – “We’re excited to present at the Afiniation Showcase in April. We consider this type of event crucial in helping FinTech companies like Proviso gain wider exposure within the financial services industry. While we already have over 170 lender and broker clients in Australia and New Zealand, we’re only at the beginning of the influence and innovation that is possible in loan origination. We’ve been approached by banks and other FinTech startups for other applications of our technology and we look forward to the Afiniation Showcase helping accelerate more of these opportunities for collaboration.”

Andrew Connors, Fincast MD & co-founder – “Fincast is thrilled at being included in the demo line up for the Afiniation show case. It’s perfect timing as it coincides with the launch of one of our new applications, our Adviser module. Demonstration days such as the Afiniation Showcase are a fantastic opportunity to talk about the unique aspects of our award winning applications.”

Donald Hellyer, BigFuture co-founder & CEO – “BigFuture is excited to be selected to present at the Afiniation Showcase.  We have just released Version 2 of and Afiniation offers us the opportunity to showcase our new capabilities. has stepped up markedly in providing financial institutions a way to develop digital relationships with their clients.  I really enjoy the Afiniation symposiums, seeing what is new in the market and catching up with colleagues as we face the challenges and excitement of FinTech.”

David Phillips, Plencore Wealth Director & CEO – “After 10 years in the making, Plencore Wealth is unveiling a new consumer category for the world market –  Personal Financial Mapping (modelling). People need tools to understand their total financial situation and examine how one future change in lifestyle, assets, or any financial variable will affect everything, as all are interconnected. All existing products treat individuals as investment portfolios and use extrapolated results. Plencore’s completed underlying Wealth Mapper Engine offers extraordinary benefits of engagement, education and collaboration to advisory and institutional partners, with the first online version presented as its consumer face – Financial Mappers.” 

The presenters announced last week were:

  1. Bitcoin Group
  2. SuiteBox
  3. Ignition Wealth
  4. Smartbit
  5. Kikka Capital
  6. Pin Payments
  7. Boomeringo
  8. Billsumo
  9. Estate Baron
  10. ThunderMaps
  11. Impos
  12. Tappr
  13. Simply Wall St

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