Midwinter and Suitebox solve FoFA opt-in headache for advisers

Ian Dunbar

Ian Dunbar

Financial planning software provider – Midwinter and SuiteBox – the mobile office solution for advisers have collaboratively delivered a seamless electronic solution to alleviate the FoFA Opt-In headache for financial planners.

Via their integrated solution which today has gone live, advisers using Midwinter’s AdviceOS will have the ability to carry out online meetings, share screens with their clients and sign electronic documents – with the recordings of these all being saved automatically to AdviceOS for compliance purposes.

SuiteBox’s unique capability to sign documents electronically within a video meeting, which recently won the “best technology” category at Afiniation’s Melbourne Showcase in April, will allow advisers to give their clients the easy option of Opting In remotely (from wherever they are as long as the recipient/client consents to the information being provided electronically). The simple process involves advisers triggering a meeting with their client, bringing up their standard “Opt-In” document into the meeting, having the client acknowledge it and sign it electronically, and then saving the signed document back to their Client Records. This document and all information within it will then be readily accessible for any subsequent reference within AdviceOS.

An example of the solution can be seen in the video below, where Julian Plummer, Managing Director of Midwinter, and Ian Dunbar, CEO of SuiteBox, undergo the meeting scheduling process.



With the integration between SuiteBox and AdviceOS now complete – these signed documents are not only automatically saved against the client engaged in the meeting, but a video recording of the client actually going through the process of signing the document is also saved.

Mr Plummer said: “We understand the frustrations planners have about having to undergo the Opt-In process and how time consuming it can be. Our users are always providing us with feedback on the various aspects of their job and what we as a software provider can do to create efficiency for them.”

“It’s exciting to be able to tick this one off our list as we know there is a great demand not only to cut down the time and effort it takes for both planners and their clients to complete “Opt In” requirements whilst still remaining compliant, but also to provide both with new methods of advice delivery.”

CEO of SuiteBox – Ian Dunbar also celebrated the partnership saying “the combination of Midwinter’s advice software with SuiteBox sets a new benchmark for efficiency, compliance and client engagement for advisers in Australia. It is also a great example of Australasian FinTech companies collaborating to support the transformation of the industry”.

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