WSSA to launch Financial Wellness Index

Douglas Latto

Douglas Latto

Workplace Super Specialists Australia (WSSA) will launch its Financial Wellness Index at its annual conference to be held in Sydney on 26th August at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The WSSA Financial Wellness Index will provide a real measure of the financial stress felt by employees by quantifying the impact a range of financial issues have on their wellbeing.

According to the WSSA’s Chief Executive Officer Douglas Latto, the workplace is where employees live their financial problems day-to-day.

“There are mortgages to be paid, credit card debts, kids to put through school, and the need to save for the future. This can create significant financial stress which can affect both attendance at work and commitment to a job.”

For this reason, he says the most valuable place to deliver financial education is at the workplace.

While schools is often thought of as the starting point for financial literacy, Latto says the inability to put these lessons into practice means they are not always fully understood.

“The workplace is where a difference can be made – and thousands of lives can be improved, resulting in a more productive and happier workforce.”

Also participating in this session is Optus Vice President of Human Resources, Vaughan Paul who will explain to attendees how they provide financial education and literacy to their employees and the value they put to this.

This will be followed by a panel session investigating the role of technology in delivering financial education. Will is replace it replace the workplace super specialist who delivers in person, or will it supplement their work and provide greater reach? An expert panel will help paint a picture for the future.

The WSSA Conference will b held at the Four Seasons in Sydney on 26 August 2016. To register visit:

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