Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund takes a place in AMP North and Zenith model portfolios


Damien McIntyre

The Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund has been added as an investment option to the AMP North online platform and added as an option to the Zenith model portfolios.

The Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund is distributed in the Australian market by Grant Samuel Funds Management and is designed to generate steady and dependable returns regardless of the market environment and aims to produce a positive rate of return above the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index.

Damien McIntyre, director and head of distribution with Grant Samuel Funds Management, says the latest developments cap off a year of solid performance and growing adviser interest of this fund.

“The addition of the fund to AMP’s North platform opens the opportunity to invest to AMP’s network of over 3700 advisers.

“The addition of the fund to the Zenith model portfolios means it is now part of the diversified multi-manager investment solution that is actively managed by Zenith on behalf of clients.

“As an unconstrained investment strategy, the Fund is not beholden to a benchmark.

“Unconstrained strategies are typically managed to beat a cash or equivalent benchmark, rather than a bond index; this removes constraints around duration and sector positioning.

“The fund is better able to navigate the complexities of the evolving fixed income landscape and changing economic environment, than traditional benchmark aware bond funds.

“In the current environment, professional investors are contending with falling interest rates in some economies and rising rates in others; falling interest rates may reduce a portfolio’s yield, while rising rates may negatively impact fixed income portfolios. This is particularly significant for traditional benchmark aware bond funds, which are exposed to rising rates and are less focused on delivering absolute performance.

“Payden’s unconstrained approach enables the fund to invest in the full spectrum of fixed income assets, of both long and short duration, providing a large degree of flexibility. As markets change, Payden can significantly change the portfolio,” Mr McIntyre says.

The fund has a “Recommended rating” from Lonsec and a “Recommended” rating from Zenith and is also available on the Asgard, BT, HUB24, Macquarie, MLC, Navigator and netwealth platforms.

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