UniSA and Domacom release property crowdfunding report


Property Crowdfunding Report on Australian Investor Perspectives 2016/17

Prepared by academics from the University of South Australia, in partnership with DomaCom, the Property Crowdfunding Report on Australian Investor Perspectives 2016/17, was released last Friday.

Property crowdfunding is relatively new in Australia but it is growing with a low to medium risk perception among investors.

The standout sector of greatest interest is rural, followed by commercial, residential, industrial and mixed use. What has not been included, as there have been few, if any, examples, is thematic investments in areas like environmental projects, infrastructure, affordable housing and commercial community style projects with a social impact.

DomaCom is experiencing increasing interest from people and organisations with these thematic investment opportunities. As with every asset we carry out due diligence to ensure the project will have a sound outcome for investors and we ensure that the promoters have a solid financial engagement in the project as well.

DomaCom is, as always, keen that financial advisers look to other investment opportunities outside the traditional asset classes. Property has always been difficult for a number of reason but technology and innovative platforms like DomaCom are making that easier and providing the opportunity for further diversification and particularly in areas with a social impact.

Read the report.

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