Map My Plan wins Innovator of the Year – Company Award


Map My Plan continues to build industry momentum and recognition for its work to take financial advice to all Australians.

Last night Map My Plan won the Innovator of the Year – Company Award, an industry award which recognises progressive businesses with new thinking such as Map My Plan.

“This award is a great reflection on our objective to take advice to the 80% of Australians who don’t currently access financial advice because it is either too expensive, inaccessible or intimidating,” said Paul Feeney, CEO, Map My Plan.

“We are aiming to be very different to what is already available in the market, because what is available is failing to grow the advice customer base in Australia, and we know from research, that people are so much better off when they have a financial plan.”

Map My Plan is different on a few fronts. It is a digital tool that can be accessed for free on a public site

It does not recommend financial products, instead building a financial map through a process of self-discovery. Further, the financial map is not a static guide, it adjusts as new information is added and goals are achieved.

Former federal member for Oxley, the Hon Bernie Ripoll and author of the Ripoll Report, that led to the Future of Financial Advice reforms, said from his many years in working in financial services, Map My Plan is a real stand out.

“Map My Plan delivers a full scale financial plan from a fully licensed provider and yet is accessible and free. And best of all, people can work with it on their terms, where they are in charge and are free to go on their own journey of self-discovery. This is true financial empowerment.”

Map My Plan is currently used by more than 5,500 employees from Ernst and Young in Australia and New Zealand. Map My Plan is also being trialled by mid-tier advice practices, an industry association, credit unions and super funds.

“Employers, super funds, and advisers are all suitable candidates for Map My Plan as it will help them offer their employees, members and clients, a great wellbeing tool that improves financial literacy and competency, so they can have better and more meaningful conversations with each other,” said Feeney.


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