Another year, another Future2 Challenge!


Anne Graham and David Graham

The blurb says that “Mount Anne Circuit is one of the world’s great bushwalking challenges. It combines all the elements for a wilderness epic: a spectacular objective, sub alpine crags, exposed scrambles, deep forests and idyllic lakes.”

I’m looking forward to the idyllic lakes but not so sure about the ‘exposed scrambles’.

I’m also not so sure about the 20kg pack we each have to maneuver over those exposed scrambles!

The Mount Anne Circuit is an unsupported pack-carrying bush-walking experience. The geography and weather will be variable, we will be hiking for 5 days/4 nights, carrying all the equipment and food required. There will be no showers or other amenities. I’m not sure if we’ll be dragging our unwashed, unkempt, exhausted selves into the FPA Congress immediately after the hike.


Panoramic views while ridge walking on Mt Anne.


If we do I hope to be rewarded with donations for Future2!

Training for this important fundraiser has been a little less organised than my last one leaving me somewhat nervous about the scrambling, trekking, climbing and pack-carrying but what keeps me and the other participants going is the tremendous cause we are supporting.

Simply put, Future2 Foundation is helping disadvantaged young people by providing grants to non-government funded programs. Grant applications are sponsored by members of the FPA and funds are donated by the financial planning community – businesses, planners, staff and clients. It’s all about connection, community and caring.

Bestlife Inc based in Carindale Qld is a great example of a Grant recipient. “The Sleepover Program” is a wonderful initiative that provides quality out-of-home weekend opportunities for youths between the ages of 6 and 19 living with disabilities. The Program, supported by a Future2 Grant, allows these kids to participate in everyday childhood activities, improve their life skills, develop friendships and build lifelong networks.

So, this is the beauty of the Future2 Challenges:

  • we get to have an adventure and take on a challenge;
  • you get to participate vicariously and donate some funds;
  • our clients get to hear how planners are supporting the community;
  • our teams get to feel part of something bigger than themselves; and
  • young people get to experience activities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

That’s why I do silly things like climb mountains.

Anne Graham

Donate here.

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