Wheelhouse Global Equity Income Fund launched to retail market  


Alastair MacLeod

Wheelhouse Investment Partners has launched the Wheelhouse Global Equity Income Fund to the retail market. The fund has been available to sophisticated and institutional investors since May 2017 and aims to deliver improved investment outcomes to Australian retirees.

The fund addresses the dual concerns of market volatility and longevity risk, says Wheelhouse portfolio manager Alastair MacLeod.

“Large investment losses, particularly in the five to 10 years immediately preceding and after retirement, can be devastating for retirees,” Alastair says.

“This well-documented issue is known as sequencing risk. It’s particularly relevant for retirees and pre-retirees due to the large sums of money involved, the relative lack of time that retirees have to recover from losses, and the necessity for retirees to draw down income during these periods.”

The fund’s investment philosophy is based upon three pillars: investing in global equities as a growth asset to address longevity risk; shaping returns to be retiree-friendly with lower volatility, better capital preservation and consistent income; and delivering a lower-cost solution to help improve outcomes.

The fund’s underlying portfolio is based on the Morningstar Developed Markets Ex Australia Wide Moat Index, a semi-active index that was constructed specifically for Wheelhouse Investment Partners. The stocks comprising the index are based on the fundamental view of Morningstar’s team of more than 100 stock research analysts. The index composition changes quarterly, based primarily on selecting the most attractively-valued securities in the coverage universe.

All stocks that appear in the index are required to be rated ‘Wide Moat’ which, as defined by Morningstar, are companies with a structural business characteristic that supports a firm to generate excess economic returns for an extended period of time.

The fund’s strategy integrates a tailor-made derivative overlay, purpose-built for Australian retirees.

The move follows the partnership formed between boutique fund incubator Bennelong Funds Management and Wheelhouse Investment Partners in May 2017, which brought the number of partnerships Bennelong has with specialist asset managers to eight.

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