PM Capital Asian equities fund added to Netwealth menus


Kevin Bertoli

The PM Capital Asian Companies Fund (‘Fund’) is now available on Netwealth platforms, giving more investors the opportunity to take advantage of a differentiated approach to the world’s fastest-growing region.

The Netwealth inclusion coincides with the Fund achieving compound investment performance of 16.6% per annum since inception, beating the relevant industry benchmark by 7.6% per annum.*

Portfolio Manager of the Fund, Kevin Bertoli, said: “It’s time to pay particular attention to Asia. It will be the epicenter of global growth over the next decade.

“The quality of the opportunity subset has improved considerably. It’s no longer just low commodity industries and companies, nor is it a China-only play.

“You can no longer view Australia as a proxy for Asia. As the Asian region shifts from capital and resource intensive fixed asset development toward a consumer driven economy, owning Australian mining companies as a proxy for Asia is not going to give you exposure to this evolution.

“The changing economic structure in Asia requires investors to rethink their approach. A hand-picked portfolio of securities is required, centred on genuine long term opportunities.”

“The Fund gives unrestricted exposure to the world’s fastest growing region. It’s highly focused, holding 15 – 35 stocks, rather than being built around index or country exposures. Instead, we build the portfolio based on our fundamental, bottom-up investment process.”

The PM Capital Asian Companies Fund has been added to Netwealth’s Wrap and Super public menu, joining the PM Capital Global Equities, Enhanced Yield and Australian Companies Funds. It is already available on platforms including CFS FirstWrap, Macquarie Wrap and Hub24.

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