Mentor records enrolment increase with planners focussing on new era relevance & productivity growth  


Dr Mark Sinclair

Financial planners are responding positively to industry qualification requirements with Mentor Education recording a significant increase in enrolments across the leading RTO’s Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Master and Bachelor courses said the organisation’s founder and principal Dr Mark Sinclair.

Commenting further, Dr Sinclair said interestingly, the focus of enquiries and industry qualification courses undertaken by planners with Mentor are those with an emphasis on building productivity and operational efficiency needed by the next generation of advice practices.

“Contrary to many of the headlines proclaiming a mass exodus of planners, there is solid core of role model planners determined to capitalise on the opportunities in the advice era and are positioning themselves through academic endeavour and personal/professional development”, added Dr Sinclair.

Many of the ‘in demand’ subjects being undertaken within the Mentor courses by planners and their key personnel are knowledge intensive focused on productivity enhancing skills.  These include technical and management skills, entrepreneurship, financial management, HR, marketing, CRM, interpersonal engagement, etc.

The trend in advice related studies has seen a focus on intergenerational wealth; aged care; wealth protection & transfer; succession planning; SMSF; etc.

The role of technology, new communication mediums and demands of an increasingly sophisticated consumer that is shaping advice businesses is profound.  “Which is why these practitioners are committing themselves for productivity improvement today and relevance tomorrow”, affirmed Dr Sinclair.

“Our interaction with forward focussed planners has confirmed that they’re determined to be faster to respond to opportunities, profitable, streamlined and attuned to client needs”.

To achieve their objectives, they are adopting a very disciplined approach in order to balance the demands of their strategic aspirations with academic pursuits whilst still running advice practices and finding time for self, family and friends.

Mentor’s time saving online/distant learning framework that is supported by the very latest in technology, communication and teaching methods is much appreciated by planner students.

Dr Sinclair concluded, “Advice practice productivity improvement is going to be the focus for more and more practitioners as they position their businesses to support growth without increasing their operational costs.

“The long-term benefits will be measured in significantly heightened levels of consumer trust and confidence and the standing of financial planners as highly respected professional practitioners!”

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