Sustainability fund outshines global investment benchmarks


Eric Siegloff

The Nanuk New World Fund was amongst the world’s best performing global equity funds in the market-challenged March quarter and over the past 12 months. The Fund posted an annual return of 27.5%, nearly double the return of the internationally recognised MSCI All Country World global equity benchmark index.

Australian-based Nanuk Asset Management is wholly focussed on investing in listed global companies which are contributing to or benefitting from environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

“Nanuk recognises that public companies which are focussed on more sustainable, more efficient technologies and practices – for example in areas such as renewable energy and electric vehicles – are benefiting from strongly growing demand resulting from dramatic improvement in cost competitiveness, and its pleasing to see that the returns from investing in leaders in sustainable technologies have continued to exceed traditional global benchmarks over the past five years” said Eric Siegloff, CEO, Nanuk Asset Management.

The Fund’s March quarter performance was supported by investment contributions in the solar, industrial automation and aquaculture segments. Investments in SolarEdge and Sunrun were beneficiaries of developments in the US residential solar market, Ocado won major international contracts for its leading automated logistics solutions and AMS experienced strong growth from its leading position in 3D sensing technology.

“I am proud that Nanuk is championing investment focus and growth in areas such as clean energy, energy efficiency, industrial efficiency, waste management, pollution control, food & agriculture, advanced & sustainable materials, water and healthcare technology, and has been able to outperform traditional global benchmarks” said Mr Siegloff.

Nanuk New World Fund receives RIAA accreditation for Ethical Investing

The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA), the peak body representing responsible and ethical investors across Australia and New Zealand, recently certified the Nanuk New World Fund for Ethical Investing according to the strict operational and disclosure practices required under its Responsible Investment Certification Program. The Program was the world’s first certification program for responsible investment products, services and policies.

“Nanuk is delighted to have our process, investment strategy and Fund recognised by this prestigious organisation”, said Mr Siegloff.

The New World Fund employs a “core” sustainable investment approach, one which is sustainably-themed, utilises both positive and negative screening, and which integrates ESG factors into the decision-making process. Notably, Nanuk excludes more than 1700 companies from investment, formalised around three areas:

  • Climate Change, Fossil Fuels & Environment
  • Weapons
  • Ethical Values & Human Rights

Nanuk believes that a “sustainability revolution” has commenced, whereby sustainable technologies are reaching economic viability which will surpass and supplant existing unsustainable technologies and industries in coming decades.

“In line with major transitions seen in prior “revolutions”, it is Nanuk’s belief that these themes will become mainstream in years to come”, said Mr Siegloff.


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