Zurich rolls out lifestyle program to new customers


Tim Howell

Zurich has commenced rolling out its new mobile app-based lifestyle program, ‘Loving Life’ to all new retail life insurance policyholders.

The exclusive program gives members access to more than 4,500 lifestyle and entertainment offers via the convenience of their smartphone.

As a ‘Loving Life’ member, customers can save on a variety of everyday local services like food shopping, dry cleaning, petrol and movie tickets, through to fine dining experiences, flights and holiday deals.

The location-based app will allow customers to make savings of up to 50 percent at more than 2,000 restaurants, including trusted local takeaways, and benefit from a myriad offers at their local shopping centers, as well as thousands of hotels and resorts across Australia.

The app also contains a dedicated ‘Health and Wellbeing’ section, which offers exclusive deals for active lifestyles, discounts at relaxation centres, and other activities to encourage a healthy body and mind.

Zurich’s Head of Propositions Tim Howell, said the app had been rolled out after a successful trial period and was designed to reward customers for their loyalty as well as encourage healthy behaviours.

“Customers told us they appreciate the ability to drive extra value from their life insurance, and were especially impressed with the breadth of offers and simplicity of redemption.

“It also creates a platform for our customers to engage more with us,” said Howell.

Membership of ‘Loving Life’ will be offered on a rolling 12 month basis to Zurich life insurance customers who keep their policies inforce.

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