ANZ gives advisers access to mental health portal


Don Sillar

ANZ has commissioned a mental health and wellness portal for advisers to help them develop a greater awareness about their own mental health and to facilitate more meaningful conversations with their clients about their wellbeing.

Mental health and wellbeing company Mindstar has developed the portal for ANZ giving advisers access to tools, information and education about mental health and wellness issues.

Advisers who attended the ANZ APEX Inspire national roadshow in May also received access to support via Mindstar’s wellbeing professionals; available for themselves, an employee or a family member.

Information about how to access support for small-business owners, support contact numbers and monthly e-newsletters are also available on the portal.

Almost half of Australia’s population will experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives, impacting thousands of workplace and families and costing the Australian economy $28.6 billion a year.

According to ANZ Wealth head of sales Don Sillar, advisers are in a powerful position to positively impact those affected.

“Advisers are on the frontline when it comes to listening and responding to highly personal and confidential information about their clients. However, a recent poll commissioned by ANZ revealed that on average, advisers ranked their knowledge of mental health issues and wellness at six out of 10.

“Nearly two thirds of the 500 advisers surveyed also told us they would like more information and training to help them identify and understand common mental health conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety.

“Our new health and wellness portal will equip advisers with resources to better understand their own health and wellbeing, as well as how to talk about such issues with their clients – and importantly, where to get help,” Mr Sillar said.”

The ANZ APEX Inspire events are designed to take advisers beyond advice, providing them with unique content and practical strategies and insights that they can implement in their personal and business lives.

The ANZ APEX Inspire roadshow held in May featured Samuel Johnson, 2018 Victorian Australian of the Year and 2016 Medal of the Order of Australia recipient, Mindstar CEO Aaron Williams and Mr Meditate’s chief meditation officer Tomas Jajesnica, who led advisers through a guided meditation session.

Johnson encouraged advisers to try and be open about mental health issues. “I really want to urge you to say something if your gut tells you something is wrong.”

He established the Love Your Sister charity with his sister Connie after she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2010. The charity has raised more than $7 million for cancer research, including $2.5 million in 5¢ coins.

More than $24,000 was raised for Love Your Sister at the APEX Inspire events.

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