Ignition Wealth announces Helen Thom as Head of Sales

Manish Prasad and Helen Thom

Manish Prasad and Helen Thom

The Ignition Wealth Leadership Team yesterday announced the appointment of Helen Thom as Head of Sales, effective immediately. Helen boasts an exceptional pedigree, having served at Midwinter, Decimal, AMP and RetireInvest.

Manish Prasad (Ignition Wealth CEO) tell us, “As Ignition Wealth continues to expand, we will maintain our focus on a capabilities and culture mindset. Helen Thom represents this perfectly. She is an absolute leader in her field of expertise having lived through the advice technology revolution. She has an incredibly determined work ethic and she’s a lot of fun. We are delighted that Helen is joining the team.”.

Helen is extremely well respected in the industry and holds an enviable reputation for her can-do attitude and her passion for rich goals-based engagement, decision support and advice. Helen has a practical hands-on understanding of the needs of both the consumer and the professional working in the advice industry.

Helen says, “In my early career in the advice software space I was hands-on, trialing and piloting the first advice platforms and training paraplanners in different types of technology. From the beginning, I have always been very passionate about making the digital experience intuitive and effective so that these professionals can provide the very best customer experience to their clients.”.

Helen is enthusiastic about the opportunity at Ignition Wealth. She is grateful for the privilege of having worked with some of Australia’s leading digital advice firms and thankful to the mentors who have guided her over the years. In turn, Helen is renowned as an empowering team leader, building her team for success.

Looking to her new role, Helen shares, “It’s exciting to be joining Ignition Wealth at a time of such transformation. I’m looking forward to working closely with enterprise clients, but even more exciting is the opportunity to take decision guidance out of financial services and into endless new industries with myriad applications.”.

As Ignition Wealth expands globally, recruiting and retaining the best staff is a key deliverable across all areas of the business. The firm will continue to scale up rapidly in 2018, doubling the headcount by the end of 2019.

Manish predicts, “Ignition Wealth is well placed to keep momentum through the sales cycle with a strong sales team, leading product design capabilities, and a distinguished development team able to support our client needs in Australia and around the world.”.

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