Link Group delivers blueprint for personalised digital advice


Duncan McPherson

Link Group (ASX: LNK) yesterday launched its latest digital advice product, Super Blueprint 3.0, to give more Australians access to easy and affordable quality financial advice.

Super Blueprint 3.0 provides members with tailored digital advice, in relation to their chosen superannuation fund.

Chief Executive Officer of Link Advice, Duncan McPherson, said Super Blueprint 3.0 distils complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand advice, that is delivered in a way that is personal, familiar and compelling.

“This latest upgrade brings a human element to digital advice, by speaking to members using first-person language. Super Blueprint 3.0 means members can generate their own advice from the comfort of their living rooms,” Mr McPherson said.

The bespoke algorithm was built over the past decade and has undergone rigorous, independent testing by a global actuary to ensure that it provides the best possible outcomes for superannuation fund clients and their members.

“Digital advice is a critical channel as we make advice more accessible and affordable for more Australians and is starting to play an important role in the hybrid advice experience being built by many superannuation funds combining telephone and face to face advice with digital,” Mr McPherson added.

Link Group will upgrade all its existing clients to Super Blueprint 3.0 in the next few months.

Link Group CEO of Fund Administration Suzanne Holden said Link is committed to investing in technology and experiences that provide superannuation funds with products that enable members to engage with their superannuation in a meaningful way.

“Our goal is to make financial advice more personal and accessible for all Australians. Digital advice can boost retirement outcomes by giving people access to information and advice that builds superannuation knowledge and engagement,” said Ms Holden.

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