Meet the brains behind Raiz Invest research and insights


Jake An

Raiz Invest Limited, the mobile-first micro investing platform, improving financial confidence for over 164,000 Australians, is strategically using research and insights to continuously garner understanding and awareness of their customer needs, with the help of Dr. Jake An, Raiz Invest Research Phd and in conjunction with major Sydney Universities.

Dr. Jake An applies his PhD theories to Raiz customers to improve the user experience and is now the brains behind the continuing research program of Raiz. His role is to merge his two passions, academia and research applying them to real world of financial literacy and behaviour. Working with Raiz since 2016, Jake identifies business problems and works directly with academics around the world – including Australia, Israel and Oxford University in the UK – to help solve them.

In a true success story, Jake came to Australia from Korea at age 11 and taught himself English, via economic and business text books. Jake has since hard-wired his brain for analysis since arriving in Australia. This passion for business and research led him to Raiz where he now works to dissect consumer behaviours to inform product development helping Australians become more financially savvy and set themselves up for the future. He believes that the critical element in furthering the growth of the FinTech industry in Australia and beyond, is tapping into the power of online word-of-mouth content.

Through his PHD, whilst at UNSW, Jake conducted research on the effectiveness of a company crafting the word-of-mouth message for a customer, rather than relying on customers to craft the message on their own. The research provides substantive marketing insights in terms of how FinTech companies can better design sharable word-of-mouth content, to generate greater customer referrals on digital platforms and create social benefits.

Raiz Invest managing director, George Lucas, said: “Jake needed a real-world test of his theories to complete his research and reached out to Raiz for assistance. He was instantly a hit and began working with Raiz to shift the company from a sale-oriented word-of-mouth (WOM) approach to a story-oriented WOM approach. Today, it’s an approach that’s borne great success for Raiz. From someone whose business career started when he requested his aunty to send him shoes from Korea which he could sell at Westfield Blacktown for a profit, to an expert in exploring the concept of word of mouth marketing to shape the Raiz brand, his story is one to call out in the finance industry.

The research is now a prime example of how data can empower customers by creating social benefits. The key benefit being that Raiz has now empowered customers to increase their personal influence and help others improve their financial confidence too. He is a motivation for millennials looking to educate themselves in finance.”

Jake is also informing Raiz’s business strategy and growing the brand through his application of concepts around pragmatic learning theories and how they can be applied to finance education through insights and research – a key element of the Raiz Invest platform today.

The work from Jake is a clear example of how education into the benefits of sound finance behaviours and the finance sector has contributed to building one of Australia’s most successful start-ups, who are using insights to understand the millennial audience to inform their strategy and continue to grow the brand as a tool for finance education.

The research conducted is currently under review with the Journal of Marketing, the leading international peer-reviewed academic journal in marketing and is also a finalist for Best Communications Campaign in the Australian FinTech Awards.

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