PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund upgraded by Zenith


PAN-Tribal Asset Management is pleased to announce the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund was upgraded to Highly Recommended following Zenith’s recent review of the global equity fund sector.

Managed by New York-based Davis Advisors, the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund provides a style neutral, currency unhedged and benchmark unaware exposure to global equities.

According to their report, Zenith believes this style neutral investment process positions it to deliver outperformance throughout the market cycle (i.e. in both rising and falling market environments).

This ratings upgrade came as the Fund reached its four-year anniversary.

The report stated: “Zenith holds a positive view on Davis Advisors’ overall investment process which has been successfully implemented since 1969.”

“Our conviction in the Fund is underpinned by the high regard we hold for the depth and quality of the investment team.”

Zenith singled out portfolio manager Danton Goei, who has managed the Fund since its inception. The report stated, “Zenith rates Goei as a strong investor, highlighted by his impressive long-term track record.”

Of the broader investment team, Zenith noted their analysts have met with most members of the investment team and “…considers them to be collectively highly qualified and impressive, providing the Fund with a key competitive advantage.”

Commenting on the Highly Recommended rating, PAN-Tribal CEO Colin Woods said, “We undertook significant due diligence before appointing Davis Advisors to manage the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund; this ratings upgrade supports our belief in the Davis Discipline.”

“It’s a great result for the advisers and investors who have supported the PAN-Tribal Global Equity Fund over the past four years.”

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