Hyperion Asset Management’s Global Growth Companies Fund awarded Highly Recommended rating by Lonsec


Hyperion Asset Management (Hyperion) has announced that its Global Growth Companies Fund has received the coveted “Highly Recommended” rating from Lonsec. This is the highest possible rating.

Mark Arnold, Chief Investment Officer at Hyperion said the “Highly Recommended” rating from Lonsec is a tick of approval for Hyperion’s disciplined, well developed and repeatable investment process as well as the high calibre and long tenure of the investment team.

“The fact that Lonsec has given our Global Growth Companies Fund a “Highly Recommended” rating is evidence of the consistent quality of our rigorous bottom-up investment approach, which focuses on identifying high-quality companies which will produce long-term, sustainable returns for our clients.

“The Global Growth Companies Fund is available to advisers on Macquarie Wrap, BT Panorama, BT Wrap, Asgard, Hub24, mFund and Netwealth.”

In its report, Lonsec praised Hyperion for its strong investment research culture and well-developed bottom-up research process that is repeatable and robust.

Lonsec notes Hyperion’s investment style is well suited to a global investment universe, as the larger opportunity set in global equities allows Hyperion to set a high bar when it comes to identifying quality businesses and to exercise rigid discipline in terms of valuation.

Hyperion’s Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Jason Orthman, said that Lonsec’s rating is the highest-possible endorsement of the quality of Hyperion’s investment team and investment process.

“Our portfolio is made up of disruptive and creative companies – those that have strong value propositions, a sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to significantly increase earnings over the next decade,” he said.

“Hyperion’s Australian equities funds have outperformed the market consistently in the 22 years we have been investing, and we see no reason we won’t continue to achieve the same outperformance in global equities.

“In fact, we are confident that our investment team and robust investment process will continue to produce strong returns from equity portfolios, both here and overseas,” Mr Orthman said.

The Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund was the top performing Global Equity Fund of 2018 in both the Morningstar and Mercer surveys, delivering investors 17.8% p.a. return (after fees) over the past four years, generating 6.7. p.a. above the fund’s benchmark, the MSCI World Accumulation Index (AUD), as at 31 December 2018.

The Hyperion Global Growth Companies Fund also received a “Recommended” rating by Zenith Investment Partners on 30 November 2017.

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