Jamieson Coote Bonds launches the ultimate ‘flight to quality’ global investment strategy to Australian investors

Charles Jamieson

Charles Jamieson

Specialist high grade bond manager Jamieson Coote Bonds (JCB) is offering its global investment strategy to the broader Australian investor market, through the launch of the CC JCB Global Bond Fund (the Fund), an Australian priced unit trust.

Designed to give investors global diversification within their fixed income allocation, the Fund can complement domestic risk asset exposures by helping to improve risk-adjusted returns, particularly at this time of uncertainty.

Co-managed by CIO Charles Jamieson and Deputy CIO Kate Samranvedhya, the global investment strategy provides an active way to gain country diversification and earn stable bond income through highly rated government issuers represented in the G7. Its investible universe includes global Sovereigns, Semi-Government, Agencies and Supra-Nationals in the core G7 defined countries − Canada, US (North America), France, Germany, Italy (Europe ex-UK Core), UK and Japan, as well as satellite countries. The Fund is offered with the option to switch between $AUD hedged (to $USD), and $AUD unhedged, at no additional cost.

JCB Executive Director and CIO, Charlie Jamieson said: “Diversifying bond allocations to reach global markets can potentially enhance returns by adding a layer of currency risk. Investors with exposure to global high grade bonds ($USD) in 2018 would have achieved double digit returns on an unhedged basis, in a year of low to negative returns for most asset classes.”

“Recently, the AUD has been performing as a risk proxy against roughly 70% of emerging markets currencies and seems deeply intertwined with the performance of the Chinese economy, given Australia’s heavy reliance on China as a major trade partner.“ said Mr Jamieson.

JCB has been actively managing its global strategy since February 2018. Its investment process relies heavily on actively monitoring global markets and fundamentals, policy, politics and supply implications, to mitigate downside risk. The investment team holds significant combined experience in fixed income and currency management working for some the largest institutions in the world’s major financial centres, specialising in global government bonds.

JCB intends to build on its local team in Asia and its global investment capabilities, having hired Kate Samranvedhya in 2018 from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, where she was a senior portfolio manager specialising in global bonds portfolios and country allocations. JCB currently manages A$2.45 billion of assets under management for both institutional and retail investors.

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